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    LACUE is pleased to partner with Makey Makey to offer an option for training throughout our state.  


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    Click on the image above to access the Makey Makey website! 


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  • Training Procedures

    1. Set your date for Makey Makey Training and send to kim.leblanc@cpsb.org as soon as the date is set.   Kim will get the workshop on the Makey Makey website.
    2. The cost of the device is $20 per participant – as discussed at the training you can charge what you want if you need other materials to conduct the workshop or if you are providing lunch this is up to the individual situtation and trainer.
    3. You can advertise your training in your region and Tammy Seneca (tammy.seneca@wbrschools.net) will advertise for you on LACUE website and social media.
    4. You will be in charge of your own registration.  This can be created in a Google form, Microsoft form or however you are doing your registration currently for your other trainings.
    5. Your training must be 5 hours to be able to buy the Makey Makey’s at the discount price of $20.
    6. Send an email to LACUE (lacue@lacue.org) of the number of Makey Makey’s you will need at least 2 weeks before your event and the address they should be shipped to. LACUE will be ordering the Makey Makey’s for you.  Please cc: kim.leblanc@cpsb.org and tammy.seneca@wbrschools.net on this email also.
    7. Your participants/school/district should write a $20 check directly to LACUE for your workshop. All checks from your workshop should be sent to LACUE in one envelope all together the week of the workshop or before.