LACUE History

  • LACUE was founded on October 3, 1985, by Dr. Robert Gillian, Richard Loftin, S.H. Comfort, and Dr. Paul Ohme. The purpose of LACUE is to provide a professional nonprofit organization in the State of Louisiana which recognizes and promotes the use of computers in education.


  • The end purpose of the activities of LACUE is to enable the full utilization of the power of technology to assist in the fulfillment of the goals of education. To this end, the ultimate goal is to achieve significant and increasing improvement in the understanding of technology and to have available the more specific information and technical training necessary to all those who would beneficially apply technology in their endeavors:

    1. To participate in the coordination of activities relating to the educational use of technology.
      • To encourage the formation of, and support of, local groups concerned with educational uses of technology.
      • To interact with local, state, and national agencies to establish guidelines concerning the use of technology in education.

    2. To promote equal opportunity for all students to enjoy the potential benefits and enrichment of instruction that is afforded by technology.

    3. To promote the development of programs and standards for the training of those involved in technology related education.

    4. To provide for the sharing and exchanging of ideas, techniques, research, materials, and procedures for use in educational technology.

    5. To provide representation of members’ viewpoints in the formulation of laws and regulations, and to cooperate with the State Department of Education, the state legislature and other governmental agencies in matters relating to technology in education.