• December 4, 2020 Event

Opening Session

  • Welcome and Introductions 

    Dr. Tammy Seneca
    Dr. Tammy Seneca 
    LACUE President 


    Bill Bass
    Bill Bass
    ISTE Board President 


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Eric Sheninger, Headliner

  • Eric Sheninger
    Eric Sheninger

    Personalized Learning: They Why, How, and What
    How are you or your school making learning personal? Personalized learning is not about putting all kids in front of a device at the same time on an adaptive learning tool to “collect” data. It’s about a fundamental shift from the “what” to the “who” to emphasize personal ownership of learning through relevant contexts and application. In this session participants will explore strategies and examples on how to personalize learning with and without technology in any classroom.

  • Session 1
    Click above to access the following session materials:
    From Problem to Project: Become a Google Innovator
    A Look Into a Google Classroom
    From Drab to Fab with Google Slides
    Using Nearpod in Today's Classroom
    A Domain of Their Own:  Pre-Service Teachers and Professional Websites  


    Session 2
    Click above to access the following session materials:
    Inspiring Career Confidence:  Computer Science Career Exploration in Middle School 
    Boldly Go!  Field Trips and More
    Hyperdocs, History, and Primary Sources:  The Transformative Trio 
    Ed Tech Tools Smackdown
    Effective Parent/Guardian Communication in a Digital World
    Jamboard is My Jam! 


    Session 3
    Click above to access the following session materials:
    Teaching and Learning in a Remote World (Headliner Breakout)
    Make Creative Splahes Riding the Wakelet Wave
    How to ZEARN with Little Zearners
    How to Become Media Literate & NOT a Media Monster
    Designing Virtual Tours 


     Session 6
    Asynchronous Session from Blocksi
    Video Conferencing: An Essential Part of the Classroom Mangement System   


    Session 4

    Click above to access the following session materials:
    Online Personal Learning with Immersive Reader and Micrsoft 365
    Crafting Your Classroom Community
    Lexia Learning:  How Louisiana Schools are Mitigating Learning Loss and Accelerating Student Gains 


    Session 5
    Click above to access the following session materials:
    Google Sheets Wizardry for Muggles
    Discover the Wonders of Wonderopolis
    Digital Thinking
    Meaningful Discussion in Virtual Learning

     Asynchronous Sessions

    Click above to access the following session materials:
    hat's Kami with a K!
    Coding for Elementary Students
    Preppers: Preparing Your Face-to-Face Classroom for Distance Learning
    Introduction to Microsoft Teams
    Catch the Wavelet Wave
    Using Google My Maps in your Classroom 
    Chromebook and Accessibility Options to Meet the Needs of our Students Virtually
    Promoting Social and Emotional Health in the Online Classroom
    Basic Technology for Littles
    Collaboration in the Inclusion Classroom 
    Engagement Through Interactive Play
    Fishing to Make Your Own Videos?  Cast!
    Best Kept Secret in Science Education
    The Great Escape
    Join My Team!
    Building a One-derful Life with OneNote
    Flipping Your ELA Classroom with Flipgrid 
    Assessment & Feedback in the Digital Environment  

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