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  • Weston Kieschnick

    Weston Kieschnick 
    Twitter: @Wes_Kieschnick

    Breaking Bold: Living the Relationship Habits of Master Educators in Future Focus 

    Are the kids OK? There may be no more essential question for educators today. In a moment when mental health issues are bearing down on our students, the role of educators must expand to meet not only the academic needs but also the social and emotional needs of our students. But can we articulate clearly what SEL should look like and sound like? (Hint: it’s not a thing we do to people, it’s how we are with people.) So then how are our relationships with our children? Can we really be objective about it? (And by the way, if you’re only asking this question of adults, you won’t have the full picture.) Join Weston Kieschnick as he discusses the key relationship habits that underpin effective student learning, and how teachers and leaders can live and leverage these habits to be concrete and intentional about SEL to engage their kids, improve learning, and change lives. 

  • Weston Kieschnick

    Weston Kieschnick 
    Twitter: @Wes_Kieschnick

    Deep Dive:  Building Bold Schools and future focused classrooms around rigorous strategies, relevant tools, and the relationship habits of the world's most masterful educators. 

Angela Lee: Bridging the Gap for Students with Disabilities

  • Angela Lee

    Angela Lee
    West Baton Rouge Parish Schools
    Caneview K-8
    Twitter: @AngelaL102211

    There are many ways general education teachers, paraprofessionals, and inclusion teachers can assist students with disabilities while helping the learner gain independence.   Learn how to use Google Classroom, Read and Write, and G Suite to modify and accommodate for diverse learners.

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Connie Miller: Technology Integration

Dina Spears: Fun Formative Assessment Tools That Work

  • Dina Spears

    Dina Spears
    Tangipahoa Parish School System
    Assistant Director of Technology
    Twitter: dspears66

    Keep students engaged in learning with valuable feedback using formative assessment tools.  This session will give a few of the most fun and popular web tools to use in order to get an idea of where your students are in their learning and how you need to proceed with future lessons.  Find out what students know using student response tools that can impact your teaching. 

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Heather White: Blended Learning in the Elementary Classroom

  • Heather White

    Heather White
    Livingston Parish Schools
    talltechyteacher@gmail.com and heather.white@lpsb.org
    Twitter: @talltechyteach

    Join in to learn how to incorporate technology into your math lessons and create a blended learning environment.  Free tools will be demonstrated to show how to seamlessly take your class to the next level with student creation, formative assessment, and collaboration.

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Susan Gauthier: School Librarians: Translation of Practice to Remote Learning

  • Susan Gauthier

    Susan Gauthier
    East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

    School Librarians: Translation of Practice to Remote Learning

Dr. Tammy Seneca: Hattie's Research in the Classroom: Technology Style

Dr. Tammy Seneca: Technology: A Tool for Digging Deeper into the Curriculum