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The Tech Rabbi

  • The Tech Rabbi


    Twitter:  @TheTechRabbi 

    Educated by Design:  Designing the Space to Cultivate Creative Capacity

    In today’s world, we have an incredible opportunity to provide students with resources and experiences that will help them develop strong creative and critical thinking skills to solve interesting problems in the world. Opportunities to leverage academic skills and knowledge to practice entrepreneurship in order to create meaningful experiences that can positively impact those around them. In this session, Michael will share what that innovative practice looks like and how it can advance forward to new frontiers that can better prepare our students for a future that is unscripted and unknown.

    Using Design Thinking and Technology to Foster Creative Problem Solving 

    Design thinking is a powerful framework that, when used, can help students create real impact in the world. In this session, participants will learn about how design thinking and technology can help build and improve communities both in school and beyond. Using a design-driven experience curriculum, administrators and education leaders will learn how to introduce this approach in their classrooms to help students use academic skills and knowledge to ideate the solutions to help communities around them.

Amanda Jones and Heather White, Livingston Parish Schools

Perry, Manning, Maronge, Gauthier, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

  • East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

    Terry Perry-Copponex
    Kristen Manning
    Chanel Maronge
    Susan Gauthier, @sgauthier

    East Baton Rouge Parish librarians share activities and resources to reinforce science, math, and engineering concepts through children's literature. 

Dr. Tammy Seneca, West Baton Rouge Parish Schools; LACUE President

Lindsey Keely, Lafayette Parish Schools, LACUE Area 4 Director

Amanda Reulet, West Baton Rouge Parish Schools

Tyler Colson, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

  • Tyler Coleson

    Tyler Colson, East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

    Design Challenge

    This session focuses on the advantages of design challenges in the classroom and how teachers can implement into their curriculum.