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    Full STEAM Ahead - Upper Elementary

Boat Design Challenge

  • Boat Design Challenge

    Task Objective: A representative from the Louisiana Cookie Company has contacted you to design a model of a boat that will support enough weight to transport their cookies from New Orleans to Minneapolis.

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Digital STEM Challenges - Upper Elementary

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    • Make Art with Draw.IO
      Task Objective: Use a digital diagramming program to plan out and create pixel art.
    • Making Music with STRING THING
      Task Objective: Make a melody with adjustable pitches and percussion.
    • Frame by Fram Animation 
      Task Objective: Tell a story about a topic over multiple frames. Be creative with backgrounds, graphics, text, and more.
    • Dish It Out
      Task Objective: Make a challenge with ramps and shapes.

Game On Lesson Plan

Geometry Ozobot Challenge

Makey Makey: Make It! Play It!

Making a Hovercraft

Masterpiece: Making a Thank You Card