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 Binary Bracelets from Code.org



Degrees and Certifications:

Designing the Best Catapult

  • Task Objective: What makes the best catapult? In this task, you will design and 3D print a catapult that will launch items the furthest.

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Dunk and Dash Basketball

Navigating the City with Ozo

Scratch and Scratch Jr.

Sphero Challenges

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    • Jump Sphero Jump
      Task Objective: Can you code your Sphero to drive up the ramp and land into the charging base?
    • Dancin' at LACUE - Pt. 1
      Task Objective: Learn 6 popular codes to have Sphero dancing to the beat.
    • Dancin' at LACUE - Pt. 2
      Task Objective: Join forces with 1 or 2 other Spheros and create a line dance that will have everyone on their feet.